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To the left of the dial

Left of the Dial
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Instead of cluttering my personal journal with my political rantings, I've created this 'community'. It's more like another journal but alot like liberalrage I'm too lazy to log in and out with another journal that's why I created this. Posting access right now will be restricted to me. If you wish to post something, contact me and if it fits in with what I'm doing here, I'll grant you posting access. But for now feel free to join, members and non-members alike may post. I'm a 30something, currently out of work radio personality and former republican that is sickened by the fact I used to be a one. Now I'm a registared Democrat, will and able to expose the right wing for what they are.

Please if your going to post and post without joining please use your name. NO FLAMING, it will NOT be tolerated I have no time for trolls seeking some fun. I have no problems deleting anything that may piss me off of course if it's outside of debate. But if your flaming or trolling to some where else your just going to get banned and your reply's will be deleted with extereme prejudice.

Just try me.

And if your wondering where I came up with the name rogue_monkey, is that I'm a former DJ (Well just on the 'beach' right now.) and I used Rock Monkey as part of my show. So I've kept it around, and as far as the title "left of the dial" goes, I'm pretty sure your smart enough to figure it out. Me in radio + Homage to the HBO special of the same name = This community.

Have a great day and I hope you enjoy.

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